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by Release Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
SKSWB83MHTFixed a problem where NotesHTTPRequest methods are throwing errors while executing on an OS400 system.
ASHEBGZATWLotusScript - Fixed an issue where the LotusScript StrToken function produced incorrect results if the delimiter contained two of the same...
Hide details for MailMail
JNAOBJ5674Fixed an issue where the database title overflows in the Workspace
SANEBGZH2AClient - Modified the eclipse launcher code to launch eclipse in a new thread with stack size that can be set dynamically. Use -Xss value in...
KKOOBL2A7MiNotes - Fix a problem where the button action is issued to incorrect URL on some incoming messages.
Hide details for Mail ClientMail Client
ECRABKZLJQFixed an issue where the mailto link gets corrupted when two or more "#" signs are used in the Subject Field.
Hide details for MIMEMIME
UTOOBK79AYFixed bug which caused the Notes client to fail when handling long filenames in MIME headers which were incorrectly folded.
PLYSBMDUMMThis change fixes a bug that prevented the Domino SMTP Server from correctly parsing and storing nested Internet messages as EML...
MAVABAQNEEServer - Fixed an issue where HCL Domino was susceptible to a Denial of Service vulnerability (CVE-2020-14230) - See KB0085303
Hide details for MIME to CD conversionMIME to CD conversion
MGUOB4HP6BThe MIME to CD convert was not handling attached $RFC822.eml attachments created by Domino 4.6 correctly.
Hide details for Notes Federated LoginNotes Federated Login
SRAOBHGPNDFixed an issue with Notes Federated Login (NFL) where NFL failed with an "Invalid argument" error when there was no match found in the list of...
Hide details for ReplicationReplication
BSPRBMMLEPServer - Fixed a potential deadlock during replication in NSFDbGetReplHistorySummary - init provided if needed which is off by default - to enable,...
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
JPAIBHQL4XLDAP - Fixed an issue where HCL Domino is susceptible to a Buffer Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2020-14236). See KB0081934...
WLIIB465D8iNotes - Fixed an issue where HCL iNotes is susceptible to a Tabnabbing vulnerability (CVE-2020-14225). See KB0085915
Hide details for ServerServer
PKURBEMAJ4Fixed a potential server crash
Hide details for TemplatesTemplates
CSAHBDPJ7DDisable DAOS option in autcat.ntf to avoid DAOS reset and extra log messages. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
Hide details for UIUI
IFBTBM6D7AClient - Mac - Fixed a problem where Mac Client translated builds were showing some menus in English. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1...
TRANBLXFF9Client - Mac - Catalina - Fixed an issue where the user would see the Notes 9 splash screen on a 10.0.1 FP4 Mac OS NL build. This regression was...
MSAHBH25ZCiNotes - Fixed an issue on in Safari on iPadOS 13 that logging in to iNotes leads to full mode desktop UI instead of Ultra-light mode for mobile...


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